Neglecting the past can be a waste of economic opportunity

A place where Hercules took a bath to recover his strength

Photo by Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash

The legend

Long ago, while he was in search of the Golden Wool, Hercules was sailing up the Danube river. He stopped for a while in the place that today is called Danube Boilers, for supplies.

Recorded History

In 1718 these baths become a part of the Austrian Empire. In this period of time, Herculane gets turned into a city and gain its full glory. The Austrian revitalized the city and built marvelous buildings that last even this day.

View of the square
The square


Today we know that those waters are not magic, instead, they are filled with minerals and sulfur. These are healthy to our muscles, joints, bone, and maybe even more.

Neptune’s Bath building

Coming back to the economic problem

It’s enough to find a place with history and beauty to make a profit out of it. People love stories and places that have a great story behind them, otherwise, the whole tourism industry of Rome will collapse within a day.

Why is it not working though?

There are or could be many reasons for that and we are not going to talk about them here because it would take too much space. And besides, those problems are mostly coming from Romanians mentality and they are ours to solve. (we are from Romania)

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