Life after prison. The humor behind everything.

No time to rest. No fear to go back.

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

People with great stories and astonishing ways of life are quite rare to be encountered these days, especially if you isolated yourself in this civilized bubble.

Let’s face it. The more technology evolves, somehow we hide from trouble, danger, pain. Life was not built this way.

The more uncommon that life is, the lesser the chances you’ll ever encounter it. We have created a common-sense against everything that we find unnatural, against the so-called laws of God and society.

But still, not so many years ago we believed that the atom can’t be split in half. There was a time when everyone thought that the Earth is flat(well, some still do), and the sun circles around it. History finds someone to go against these laws and, in the end, proved us wrong.

Life is fragile. The impossible constant certainty we strive for can’t exist.

It took the simplest minded person to teach me one thing that everyone else couldn't.

I was sitting on a bench in Gara de Nord from Bucharest, waiting for the train to arrive. I usually get there 30 minutes earlier, just so I can calmly wait for departure.

It was a cold winter night, about 21:00 pm. A strange person started walking towards me. He had the look of a man we all should avoid at those hours, but the train station was filled with people and I decided I have nothing to be afraid of. He pulled out a very old phone, as old as a Nokia 2100.

-F**k! he whispers to some imaginary culprit.
I heard him and I smiled.
Excuse, boy! he said turning towards me. Can you lend me your phone for 1 minute? I have to call somebody. I want to leave the city but I don't have enough money for a train ticket and I need to call a friend.
I agreed without hesitation. I was still confident that he can’t do anything weird in a public place. I gave him my phone and he set down next to me.
-Can you write down the number? I got no idea how to use this thing.
I took the smartphone, wrote the number and pressed dial. Not knowing how to use a touchscreen phone seemed like a lie, especially because he didn’t seemed old at all. He took it back, did his thing and than returend the phone.
-I asked many folks. None of them helped me, he confesses.
People are cautios, I replayed.
But I’m a nice guy. I won’t steal from you if you’re tryin` to help.
Well shit. He won’t steal if you just help him” I said to myslef ironically.
I just arrived from Germany. Didn’t even had the chance to eat.
Germany? My father works there.
I was also in Italy, France, England.
-What do you do for a living? i asked politely. I don’t knew why i was talking like that. Maybe out of fear.
I don’t work in general. I tried, but’s not working for me.
-Then, what are you doing?, i asked him controlling my anger.
At that time, i was trying to make it as a dancer and choreographer.
-I steal, he admited without any sort of hesitation, laughing even. I stoled in France, England. Only small hits on the street. I stoled even from here, in Romania, but even stealing’s not worth it here. Now I just got out of prison.
-From Germany?
Yeah, he laugh. You should have seen how they chased me: with lots of cars, lots of cops, lots of lights. I felt like in a movie. They had so many guns pointing at me I didn’t moved a muscle.
And they didn’t got you in France?
-France? I’m not dumb. Germans are good, that’s why they got me. When they had that gypsy thing, in France I mean, they even gave me money to come back. I was a thief and they paid me to leave. How can you possible do that? Dumb-ass country.
We laughed together.
-How much time did you spent in prison?
3 months. Damn! They have nice prisons. They even give you money if you agree to work.
-And what are you going to do now?
-I’m going to Germany again.
-To steal?
-What if they catch you again?
-Let them. Life’s not hard there. I will do 3 months again plus some extra time and then they’ll send me home for free. I spend a dime.

I didn’t know his name, didn’t asked about his age, but he was 100% opposite of any other human I ever talked with. Strange is, he didn’t look sad at all.

The fact he laughed every time he was thinking he is an outlaw… For him, all that was normal.



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