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What about habits of health, success, and peace of mind?

Your own personality should matter

Habit refers to consistency. When talking about success, every media channel refers to success as an outcome of a certain habit.

These media channels are useful because they are a constant reminder of our potential. The bad thing is, if you are already feeling it, they make us put enormous pressure upon ourselves.

We can’t and should not cope with it all the time, but because we try and fail we end up blaming ourselves. Even if we might still carry some of that blame, there is no reason enough to turn it into frustration or reason for thinking less about ourselves.

Life can and should be much more about well-being than just XXI struggle. Habits also play a big part when it comes to happiness.

Let’s learn more about habits per se:

  • Top 3 types of habits
  • Prioritizing some of your Habits. Choosing what’s more important
  • The long time power of a small habit
  • Habits and time. How long does it take to stop feeling an effort

Your everyday routines depend on what you know about your whole game.

1. Top 3 types of habits

After a quite long time of soul searching, and a little bit more of searching other people's habits, I notice 3 types that seem to be essential.

The first is because everyone seems to always go back to them when things get painful. The second it’s about life’s quality. The last one is because it represents our personality.

  1. Peace Habits

Don’t think about world peace in an absolute way.

Pace habits refer to those habits that fill you up with energy. Those few moments when we let go of the pressure, with those feelings that in 2 minutes can boost your power for days in a row.

Think about what you love doing, not just as a profession. Your profession is much more than a habit. It becomes a way of life.

Call peace habits those little things in the day that sometimes you do unconsciously. Like starting out the window for 5 minutes free of any thought, taking a short shower or a long bath, walking for 1 hour, going running, taking care of your plants, dancing around.

Do these habits to remind you of who you are, to remember that sometimes it’s not about anything else than being comfortable in your own skin with your own person. These habits bring you inner peace. Peace within ourselves is essential in taking more calibrated decisions.

You don’t have to do them daily. Some habits can do enough work if you do them once per week.

Find your rhythm. Go at war having pace inside. That way, you won’t suddenly become your own enemy.

2. Health Habits

If you take a look on the internet, you will find that even Ellon Musk admitted the importance of health in all aspects of life. If you won’t believe him, surely you won’t believe me.

Think about this. Your body is a super cool machine that works well if:

  • its parts are being taken care of
  • if our thoughts don’t slide down into the dark side of depression

In some cases, those 2 are connected. Your mind needs sleep, vitamins, oils to function. Let me give a specific example.

If you have a big Vitamin D deficiency you will be very, very easy to be pissed off. You will lose most of your patience and dive into an unreasonable rush and lack of long-time focus.

Every vitamin in your body is responsible for something. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to become a vegetarian or vegan, but for sure you have to eat more fruit, vegetables and drink more water.

Sleep is another important part. Even if you like it or not, most of us MUST sleep at least 6 hours in order to have a functional brain. Some people are an exception and need more or less sleep. Here is some more information about sleeping habits.

When it comes to health, we recommend that you take care of it daily.

Still, sometimes you might have to risk your health to some extent. (Don’t misinterpret what you just read and think we encourage you to do something stupid).

If you wonder how many hours of sleep per night does Ellon Musk needs, he said around 6. Everything less makes him work slower and inefficient.

Jeff Bezos tries to sleep 8 hours every night.

3. Habits that eventually lead to success, whatever success means to you

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Here is where those social media posts hit the right spot. If you aim high, you must think carefully and work, sometimes, really hard.

We can think of these as habits of sacrifice because success requires sacrifices.

Pha, I could have said that in a better way. Let me try again.

We are not the sum of what we can have. We are the sum of those things that we can’t let go of.


Of course, only you can say what’s your dream, goal, and if they are worth the sacrifice.

Also, some of us can simply dream to have a normal, happy life. If you feel that way, don’t hurt yourself trying to force upon yourself dreams that you do not have.

Living a normal life can be itself a dream come true. Respect that.

2. Prioritizing some of your Habits. Choosing what’s more important

I already told you 3 types of habits. Things can get quite hard even if we pick just 1 for each type. So, how to choose and how often you should repeat each habit?

The easiest one should be your success habits. Why? Because it is for sure the one you must do almost every day. How to choose it? Think carefully about where you are going and your current level of education.

As an example, if you want to invest in something like Bitcoin, there are a few things you can decide around.

  1. Do I know enough about Cryptocurrency, the Market, and Bitcoin itself?
  2. I know enough things about cryptocurrency, now I just need to start investing

In case 1, your habits should go around the fact you need to educate yourself about crypto and blockchain.

In case 2, your habit should involve trading, staying up to date with the news and prices.

Now, if you feel you need a tool to help you follow up with your habits, try this one over Here. I’ve been using it for quite a while and I love it. The cool thing is you can also track your Moods.

Why are those 2 different habits?

To educate yourself on cryptocurrency can take more than 1 month.

Investing it’s much more than just active trading. It can be done for as long as you want. It's better if this happens when you know how everything works.

Apply these examples to your case. The same principle goes for health and peace.

If your inner peace is unbalanced, invest more time in those habits that can restore it.

If your health is strong, just do your best to maintain it. If not, do your best to heal yourself.

Don’t skip steps too fast. Evolve around your current level.

3. The long time power of a small habit

What I said in the chapter above might seem slow, but here is some math to prove otherwise.

Saving 10$/ day goes into 3650/ year. Do that for 3 years and you got 10.950. This without investing. Try 500$ per month and you will have 6.000/year…Goes up to 18.000 in just 3 years.

Run 3 km/ day and get to 1.095 in one year.

Plant a tree once per week. You will have a garden of 52 trees in one year.

Reading 20 pages a day ends with 7.300/ year. With an average of 300 pages per book, you will have read 25 books. Some people don’t read 25 books in a lifetime.

And these are all average passes. If you really are into reading you can read even 100 pages per day, save half your income, run 6 or 9km a day, and …you do the math. I made my point.

The key is not to fool yourselves about overnight success.

4. Habits and time. How long does it take to stop feeling an effort

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There's a myth that forming a new habit takes only 21 days…or 30 days. But for sure, how can you tell?

If science come up with this number of days through statistics, the same science says that 80% of statistic are wrong, or change quickly over time.

The effort of certain habits comes with the level of pleasure it generates.

Going to the gym might be very painful in the first month. Muscle fever, joint pain, difficulty in breathing while doing hardcore cardio are very strong reasons to quit in the beginning.

But if you manage to pass the 1–2 months, you start enjoying it. Miss it when you're not there.

And it’s not because humans have pleasure in inflicting pain on themselves. It's because of the adrenaline, of the greater feeling after the workout when all your cells have received more oxygen. The human body is engineered to move.

Studying every day can be a pain in the ass forever if you study something that you don't find interesting.

If you are trying to create a habit around something that you don’t naturally like, it can take a lot for you to get along with it.

When you are starting a new habit, just start doing it. Look at how it makes you feel and if it takes you where you want to go.



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